Pairing IKEA Tradfri plug with Hue bridge

Recently IKEA updated the firmware on a number of their devices to support ZigBee 3.0, including their smart plug as of firmware 2.0.022.

Turns out it will now happily pair with the Hue bridge and be controlled in the Hue app

The procedure is the same as binding the bulbs:

  1. Update the firmware via the Tradfri gateway.
  2. Reset the plug by pressing the reset on the bottom for a few seconds with a pin. You should see the light glow and the plug won't respond any more to the Tradfri app.
  3. Bring the plug as close as you can to the bridge. Mine worked about 8 feet away with clear line of sight but closer is better.
  4. With the plug switched on, initiate a touchlink search (e.g. using the Hue Essentials app press the touchlink button and then search for lights).
  5. Check the app.


You can of course then pair any buttons you have with the Hue bridge, and then follow the usual Tradfri steering device pairing mechanism to configure them to directly control any plugs or bulbs. See my earlier article


Pairing works fine but the smart plug doesn’t show up in HomeKit. Is this a limitation or do I do something wrong?

For posterity: Hue only exposes its own Hue and Friends of Hue devices to HomeKit. You can use HomeBridge as a workaround.

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