Sony W805C - List of bugs

Since receiving this TV a couple of months back I have experienced a number of issues with the Android OS. Going by the discussion on various forums, it seems I am not the only one...

There are missing features - features promised to be here by now and no sign of yet. There are also lots of software defects, some minor and some major. Some are intermittent, some persistent. I thought I should compile a list as a useful reference, and tick them off as and when they are fixed. So, here we go.


Sky provide lovin' for YouView

Following the announcement of YouView, it now appears that Sky have changed their minds somewhat of the project. It looks like NowTV, Sky's soon-to-be-launched Catchup TV service, will be among the first "non partner" content producers. Presumably, NowTV will use the same content delivery platform, initially launching with movies and later expanding to sports and entertainment.

YouView Announced

Finally, the official announcement of YouView: the new website has gone live today.

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